Black Gold Cotes De Beouf


Cote De Boeuf is a joint or steak cut from the rib primal with the rib bone still attached. The rib eye steak is the centre portion of the Cote De Boeuf, but without the bone. The côte de bœuf translates as “beef rib”. Have this as a single bone steak, which can be compared to a Beef Tomahawk Steak, without the extra long bone. Cook this on the barbecue or pan fry. Or roast this up on the bone, which is then essentially a Fore Rib, with some of the meat trimmed back to expose the top of the bones.


From the home of the Angus, our beef is simply the best. It is sourced directly from Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. All Black Gold Beef is 100% grass fed, Aberdeen Angus cattle, which means they are high in Omega 3 and full of vitamins.

We have been stocking scotch beef since day one, for over 70 years, and it never fails to impress. Whether you’re slow cooking a brisket or frying your favourite steak, you can always trust that our beef is well aged, succulent and absolutely stunning in flavour.

The Aberdeen Angus cattle have been in Scotland since at least the 16th century, when they were known as Angus doddies. For some time before the 1800s, these cattle were located in Angus and Aberdeenshire, hence their name.

Why choose Black Gold Angus Beef?

Gold Quality:
Based on producing the very best quality grass-fed Angus, assessed on the basis of marbling, ossification, temperament and growth.

No Added Hormones:
Black Gold Angus Beef is free from growth hormone additives, following a growing worldwide trend for natural produce. Whatever your requirements, Black Gold Angus Beef can deliver quality product on time.

Pasture Raised:
Black Gold Angus Beef is a pasture-raised product; our cattle are grazed in open pastures for their entire life. This means that our Angus receive a substantial percentage of their feed and nutrients from open pastures.

No Antibiotics:
Black Gold Angus Beef is free from Antibiotics.

Ingredients: 100% Aberdeen Black Gold Beef
Allergens: None