Dorset Lamb Saddle Rolled


Why have one lamb loin when you can have both. The lamb saddle is an absolute British classic, sure to make your party menu stand out. The saddle is both sides of the lamb loin, rolled and tied together by our master butchers to make a beautiful joint for your oven. Tender and absolutely packed full of flavour, our lamb saddle is sumptuous.


Our Lamb is primarily sourced from the Purbecks, but is always Dorset reared. Our main supplier of Lamb is Simon Redman, who’s farm is The Piggery at Henstridge.

Our farmers have the highest standards of animal welfare and Simon exemplifies this. The care of the animals really shines through in the most beautiful tasting produce. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 100% grass fed (some creed) 2 days mothering and then outside. Drug free. Boll Dorset Lamb.

We also stock Purbeck Lamb from Robin Samways, who farms near Worth Mattravers on the Jurrasic Coast.

You can always guarentee premium quality from our Lamb.

100% Lamb
Allergens: None