Saddle of Wild Dorset Venison


Our Saddle of Wild Dorset Venison is both sides of the loin rolled into a bigger, single joint. An absolute gem for roasting and a great show piece, sure to stun your guests. This meat is tender, rich & earthy, lending itself to minty, spicy, autumnal accompaniments.

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Our Venison is always local and always fresh. It is sourced from professional stalkers throughout Dorset who manage Dorset’s farmlands, pastures and woodland.

Our Wild Dorset Venison is tender and smooth in texture and rich and earthy in flavour, often with imbued hints of the acorns, sage and herbs that the deer enjoyed during its life.

Venison lends itself well to minty, spicy and autumnal flavours, similarly to Lamb.

100% Venison
Allergens: None