51 Blend by Weymouth 51


The Weymouth 51 signature sauce. A blend of Sea Spring Seeds chillies carefully balanced to toy with your 10,000 taste buds. Rocoto, a rare chilli with black seeds, Ring of Fire, Chiang Rai and long Cayenne etc. Flavoursome, fragrant and a little ferocious. It’s chilli heaven in a bottle! Great sauce for drizzle or marinade.

Preservative Free – Happy Vegan – Naturally Fermented – Small Batch


Weymouth 51 are a new and enthusiastic company, growing 51 varieties of chillies and creating handcrafted small batch sauces. Simplicity and honesty are paramount in everything they produce and supply depends on availability, locality, freshness and our demand for producing unique handcrafted products right within Weymouth, truly handmade with love.

From Seed to Sauce… they use quality seeds for growing. Natural outdoor planting, the use of green houses and poly tunnels alongside modern use of hydroponic systems gives a great variations of growing. Some of the varieties they grow include Habaneros, Trinidad 7 Pot Katie, Pink Tiger, Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw, Primo Red, Havana Gold, 7 Pot Chocolate Brain Strain, Komodo, Welsh Dragon, Peach Scorpion and many more.

Small batch fermentation takes place in different vessels including whisky barrels and demijohns etc. This allow Weymouth 51 to produce sauces with amazing and unique flavours and showcase layers of flavour and complexities of every chilli. From growing to bottling, Weymouth 51 ensure the process is natural and the flavour is wonderful. From seed to sauce, handcrafted under beautiful Jurassic sunshine. Natural, fruity and aromatic!

Allergens: None
Allergens: None