Gammon Steaks


Our succulent gammon steaks are just the ticket for an old-fashioned feast. Made entirely with our free-range pork leg, sweet cured long and slow under the watchful eye of our Master Curer. Our cure is enriched with a hint light muscovado sugar, perfectly balancing the saltiness of the pork on the palate before being air dried to intensify the natural flavour of the pork. Sear in a hot pan until the fat caramelises, pair with a fried Egg and our luxurious Pierre Koffmann beef dripping chips. Alternatively, these gammons steaks work just as well on the barbecue or under the grill, allow to turn golden brown and crispy, before serving with seasonal greens.

2 steaks per pack. Approx. 280g each.

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Dry-Cured Pork, Salt, Preservative (E250,E252)
Allergens: None