Gold Priory Angus – Short Ribs


A great cut to Slow Cook or Smoke. Low & slow cook wrapped in foil in your oven and finish on the BBQ… thank us later. All from the Isle of Purbeck.


Introducing Gold Priory Angus, Grass Fed Beef from the Isle of Purbeck. Exclusive to B Curtis Butchers of Wareham.

Nestled along the scenic River Frome, the farm prioritizes the well-being of their grass-fed Aberdeen Angus cattle, resulting in superior taste and tenderness in the beef.

Farm assured and Red Tractor certified for 15 years, they follow organic principles, cultivating a sustainable ecosystem with outdoor grazing, herbal lay mixes, and a commitment to sustainable farming.

Their focus on crop selection, including high-protein clover and anthelmintic chicory, reflects a dedication to providing a natural, nourishing diet for the cattle, while maintaining the health of their land.

As a part of the Environmental Stewardship scheme for two decades, the farm embraces rotational grazing, which enhances forage quality, soil health, carbon sequestration and fertility, aligning with a goal of reducing feed costs and ensuring the long-term well-being of our cattle and environment.

Experience the Gold Priory Angus difference and elevate your dining experience – where local provenance, quality, sustainability and taste come together!