Montagnolo Affine


Montagnolo Affine is a blue, triple crème soft Cheese made in the Allgau region of Germany. It is surface ripened and is marbled with blue veins and has a grey natural crust. Aging at a low temperature allows the Cheese to mature slowly and develop its aromatic flavour.

It combines the texture and rich tastes of a triple-crème brie, with the distinct and lightly biting flavour of a BLUE Cheese. Rich and decadent, Montagnolo Affine has buttery slightly piquant taste that pairs well with medium to full-bodied wines such as Pinot Noir.

This is a beautifully full flavoured blue Cheese that will make you come back for more. This is a firm favourite of our staff and customers.

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Pasteurised Cows Milk
Allergens: Milk