Pork Loin Steaks


Succulent and soft, these boneless pork loin steaks are quick to cook, lean and tasty to eat. Why not try our marinated pork steaks next time.

Served in a pack of 2. Approx. 280g.

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Our fantastic pork is locally sourced from Phil Samways, who farms in Worth Matravers in the Purbecks. The beautiful flavour of this meat reflects the way in which it is reared. Succulent, soft and buttery, Phil’s pigs will give you great results in the kitchen.

Reared on a straw based system, bedded on straw with access to open yards, all of his pigs are drug free. We age the pork between 3 and 7 days to enrich that beautiful flavour.

Ingredients: 100% Pork
Allergens: None